Electronic College (ERP) – College of Medicine at Missan University – Iraq

implemented the first web based multilingual electronic college (ERP) in Iraq for College of Medicine – University of Amara.  electronic college that consist of Admission, Registration, Financial, and Content Management System for the college. Provide technology to ease the process of admitting students and improve overall productivity and efficiency of the college

Rend Lake College, Ina, Illinois, USA (Fastest Growing College in 2006).

STH Business developed and implemented ERP system included registrations, financial aid, admission, business office, paperless document approval process, reporting modules. Well integrated ERP system that saved the college over $1.5 Million dollar and annual saving of $130,000 since 2005.

Southern Illinois Hospital Services, Illinois, USA

STH Business developed an inventory system for the hardware and software at headquarter. Pulaski City, Illinois, USA We developed billing system for water, disposal, and sewerage. The billing system consists of customer tracking, account receivable, payment history, and deposits. Pulaski city was using manual system taking 4 to 6 days per month. With the new system takes 3 hours a month.

Maytag, Herrin Laundry, Illinois, USA

Developed Human Resources System to include FlexChoice benefits, Safety Analysis, Time and Attendance, and Directory.

Rend Lake College, IL

Developed Federal and State reporting system. Statistical analysis reports, Training and subsystems to work with CMDS ERP. Using RPG IV on AS/400, ShowCase Vista.

General Dynamics, Marion, Illinois, USA (Fortune 500)

STH Business developed and implemented Quality and Productivity System for the manufacturing of 25MM product line.

TIP of Illinois – Carterville, Illinois, USA.

Implemented new information processing to gain better access to their Accounting and other information system.

Law School – Southern Illinois University –Carbondale, Illinois, USA

Developed Management Information System to improve accessibility and search capabilities.

Evaluation and Developmental Center – Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, Illinois, USA

Developed the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) software.

State’s Attorney- Jackson county, Illinois, USA

Developed Deceptive Practice system (DPS). DPS used to process faster transactions for deceptive practices and search for repeated offenders.

OLIN Company, Marion, Illinois, USA (Fortune 500)

Developed a complex spreadsheet to calculate double limit specification (Military testing standard) for an Air Bag project.

OLIN Company, Marion, Illinois, USA (Fortune 500)

Developed an interface to manage data from existing Shooting Analysis software through use of a spreadsheet. This system saved the company over $100,000.

Evaluation & Development Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois, USA

Computerized a system for mental testing of disabled individuals (data acquisition and scoring).

Illinois State Department of Mines & Minerals Springfield, Illinois

Extensive training on the use of technology in the workplace.


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