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by admin on December 24, 2011

LastPass is a password manager. I believe lastpass is one of the most important utility you have to use when using computer at any time. It is more important if you are using other than your computer. Lastpass is an effective manager that would keep track of all your passwords in the cloud. As you know we are using many websites and accounts on the Internet. Many places require you to log in with your ID and password. Some of those websites require you to login with password with the special criteria. So it does literally have to remember passwords all the time. So really cannot use the same password over and over and over and because the sites require you to use certain criteria for password generation. There are passwords for personal e-mail, walk e-mail, bank account, Twitter, and Facebook, and many websites that require ID and password. Of course many browsers would keep track of your passwords; however that’s very dangerous if you’d lose your computer. The bottom line is lastpass is an effective way of securing your passwords. All you have to do remember one password.

What lastpass will do for you is the following:

One master password

Automatic form filling

One click Logan

Secure your data

Sync across browsers

Store your secured notes

The following video will show you some of the benefits and how to use lastpass.



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Coder December 27, 2011 at 4:26 am

Great work sir..Excellent video ..I have read many blogs about time
management as we always say a picture is equal to 1000 words .U r way of
explanation was very good.Especially I liked the way you have stated about
learn web development
and all other mandatory points ….nice work..


Phillip Blake December 29, 2011 at 1:25 pm

The security of LastPass still concerns me. Just using Google to search for some of the headlines was frightening . I use RoboForm made by Siber Systems as a more secure alternative. They have all of the same features plus some while remaining very easy to use, they have also never experienced and security issues or problems with hackers. They were the first and still appear to be the best.


admin December 30, 2011 at 8:51 am

Thanks Philip. I will check out the security issue with LastPass and update the post. Also, I will check out RoboForm and compare. thanks for the info


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